Glossary of Drainage Terms

CCTV Drain Survey

A closed circuit television survey is used to diagnose defects and faults in underlying sewer and drain pipes. A small motorised and waterproof camera is introduced into a drainage system usually via an inspection chamber and a DVD recording of the pipes condition is taken.

We offer this service and provide a written report and DVD recording. This evidence is essential in pinpointing defects to minimise excavation work. Note: Insurance companies usually insist on this type of survey to substantiate a claim you may make against your home insurance policy.

Cesspool / Cesspit

A covered tank usually below ground for storing sewage. This vessel needs regularly emptying as the system is not subject to bacterial decomposition. Properties not easily connected to the Public sewer have historically used this system but septic tanks are now preferred as cesspool emptying costs have risen.

Combined Sewer

A sewer accepting both foul and storm water.

Foul Sewer

A sewer which only accepts foul water(dirty water).

Inspection Chamber

A shaft leading to a chamber with a removable cover ( usually concrete or metal ) over a sewer or a drain. This chamber allows for visual inspection and a point to insert rods in the event of a blockage.


This refers to a blockage being cleared by water jetted under great pressure into the affected pipe from a hose reel attached usually to a High Pressure Jetting Machine mounted on a vehicle.

Rodding Eye

A vertical pipe with a curved junction below ground with a drain or sewer . A small oval cover is provided at ground level to facilitate entry of rods in the event of a blockage.

Septic Tank

A tank usually below ground for containing sewage to be decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. This system is normally adopted by properties that are not easily connected to the Public sewer.

Drain Scale

In hard water areas, lots of problems are caused by scale. Scale is a natural mineral deposit which builds up on the insides of drainage pipes. In the worst cases scale can block a pipe completely, but it is usually found that the scale creates a rough surface on the inside of the drain where other debris gets caught and hence causes a blockage

Drain Descaling

People who have problems with a drain will often have the drain blockage removed but then wonder why the problem keeps reoccurring. Drain blockages can be removed quite effectively using drain jetting methods but the drain jetting will not remove the rough edges and hardened built up deposits in the drain. These can only be removed by using a specialist descaling machine that can descale the relevant section of drainage pipe completely.

Drain blockages are often caused because the drain has rough edges caused by the scaling up of pipes due to mineral deposits. If the pipe is descaled, the drain will function far more effectively and hence future blockage removal and repair can be minimised.

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