Why Drains Block and how to Prevent Blockages

Responsibility for blocked drains on private property usually lies with the property owner who is also liable for the cost of the clearance of the blockage. If your blocked drain causes water ingress into your neighbour’s property – you could also be liable for the reinstatement to good of any damage caused.

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Drains block for many reasons, some of the more common causes could easily be prevented.

Fats Grease and Oil

Fat poured into the kitchen sink drain quickly solidifies in the cold drain pipe outside and underground. Given time the fat simply builds us to create a solid hard lump, usually restricting the flow or totally blocking the pipe work.

Wet Wipes and Nappies

Flushing away Nappies and baby wipes should be avoided at all lengths, the fibres of the wipes snag on pipe joins and bind together, nappies expand in the drainage water quickly causing drains to block solid.

Waste Food

Waste food, unless it passes through a waste disposal unit is also a big contributor to blockages, one of the more common foodstuffs to create blocked drains is rice.


Planting trees and shrubs near or on top of drainage systems should also be avoided at all costs. The roots from the plants seek out the supply of water within the drain. Believe it or not, the roots will actually penetrate the clay of the drain pipe. In most cases the tree roots will form a tight bung inside the drain.

Avoiding flushing away or pouring things down the sink that shouldn’t be is the best possible way of avoiding blocked drains.

What Not to Flush

  • Cooking Fats and Oils
  • Baby or Cleaning Wipes
  • Nappies & Cotton Buds
  • Food Waste from Dishes Pots & Pans
  • And Avoid Planting near Drains

Home Maintenance

  • Don’t Cover Outside Inspection Chambers
  • Clear Kitchen Drain Grid Covers
  • Remove Hair from Bath, Shower Drains
  • Occasionally use a Biodegradable Bleach
  • in Sinks, Showers and Bath Drains
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